The Benefits of Water Ionizer / Alkaline Water Machine. Part 2

water ionizer machineWater ionizers or alkaline water machines are designed for obtaining drinking water with a given level of pH and redox potential. This means that the water ionizer produces acid and alkaline water. A water Ionizer is connected to the water supply and electrical power, and it is installed as an additional tap or connected to the tap water faucet in the kitchen.

How the water ionizer machine works

The ionization process of water happens in the following way: water entering into the alkaline water machine passes through a filter. The filter traps the dirt, and cleans the water of heavy metals. If the filter contains silver particles it can even kill bacteria. Then the water ionizer ionizes the water. This process takes place in a special chamber of the water ionizer. As the water passes through the chamber, positive or alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative electrode, but the acidic ions are attracted to the positive electrode.

As a result, two types of water come out of the ionizer:  the negatively charged alkaline water and positively charged acidic water. The alkaline water contains minerals that are essential for our health:  magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Alkaline water neutralizes acidity in the body, while acid water is an excellent disinfectant. Thus, a water ionizer produces safe alkaline water that is healthy and good for the body.

Alkaline water machines have been familiar in Western Europe, Japan and in the United States for many years. Most of the best-selling water ionizers are for home-based use.

The advantages of a water ionizer are the following:

1. Thanks to the integrated multi-stage filter with silver particles, the disinfection of water is taking place and the water gets purified from heavy metals, chlorine and other pollutants.

2. Under the influence of the electromagnetic field influencing the structure of water: random water molecule clusters are converted to hexagonal clusters or hexagonal water, such as in the cells of the body. Because of this, this water is better absorbed by the body.

3. In the water ionizer machine, the splitting of water into alkaline and acid water takes place. The alkaline water contains necessary substances for the body: potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals that are for the functioning of the body and which help to maintain the acid-alkaline balance. The substances found in the form of ions are more easily assimilated by the body.

4. It is easy to adjust the ionized water to the required pH level and redox potential.

5. Instantaneous electric water ionizers have better performance and efficiency than tanker water ionizers.

6. If you want to drink healthy alkaline ionized water, you definitely need a water ionizer.

The Benefits of Water Ionizer / Alkaline Water Machine. Part 1

Water ionizer benefitsOne of the best investments you can make for your health is to buy the water ionizer machine. This will solve the fresh and clean water supply at your home.  Let’s look at the benefits of water ionizer machines.

To restore the vitality of the body, for its recovery we go to resorts, drink pure mineral water, relax in the country side, go to the forest, swim in the sea, and we go to the mountains. There are a lot of places where you can improve your health and restore your acid-alkaline balance. Continue reading

About Water Ionizer Machines

water ionizer machinesWhat benefits does alkaline ionized water give to our bodies? This question has been investigated in the world for several decades. The undeniable leader in this is Japan. In this country, after a decade of research, the Ministry of Health approved water ionizer machines as a medical device for health improvement in 1996. In 1970, North Korea (at a later date) also started to approve alkaline water machines as medical devices. In the present time, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA are the leaders in water ionizer production, which are sold worldwide. It is a wonderful example of the partnership between science and business. Continue reading

Ionized Water FAQs. Part 7. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

How the alkaline ionized water is affecting the digestion of food as well as the ability to absorb the vitamins, minerals and medication

Alkaline Ionized WaterYou shouldn’t drink alkaline ionized water briefly before eating.  Stop drinking any water a half hour before the meal. If you are filling the stomach with water along with food you are creating indigestion. So, don’t do that. Get hydrated before you eat, and afterwards.

In reference to substances and medication, it’s recommended to drink the alkaline water when you take the medication and even close to that time. It’s because the coating of pharmaceutical pills have been designed to break down at a certain pH and to be absorbed into the body at a certain rate. Continue reading

Ionized Water FAQs. Part 6. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

How the alkaline ionized water enters the blood stream to stabilize the pH balance? If you drink the alkaline ionized water it should pass through the stomach, which is acidic by its nature, so the alkaline water can be neutralized or become acidic.

Ionized Water FAQThe belief that the stomach acid could neutralize the alkaline water is often called as an alkaline water scam, and some people even advocate that you don’t need to drink the alkaline ionized water, but it’s not the case. The people think that the stomach is a continual reservoir of acidity, and anything that hits it is being either neutralized or acidified. If this would be true, the stomach acid would easily burn your stomach. The fact is that the stomach starts to produce the stomach acid only when some food gets into the stomach. When the stomach is empty, there is a very little stomach acid because the stomach stops to produce it. This is the time for drinking the alkaline ionized water. If you drink the alkaline water or any water during the meal time, you just dilute your digestive juices and create indigestion. The best way is to drink the alkaline water a half hour before the meal and 45 min to one hour after the meal not to spoil the digestion. Continue reading

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