Which Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits Should You Consider?

Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits to ConsiderThere are so many ionized water benefits that in order to describe them all even a book would be necessary. You can get an excellent curative elixir from the ordinary tap water – you can drink the ionized water, you can cook in it; you can use it for skin and hair care. The main secret is to know how to apply it. Here we will discuss the alkaline ionized water health benefits.

The 5 important alkaline ionized water benefits

1.     Ionized water is natural antioxidant

Ionized water is produced with water ionizers, which ionize the water by using electrical current and split it into alkaline ionized water, which contains negative hydroxyl OH- ions, and into acidic ionized water, which contains positive hydrogen H+ ions. As a result of ionization, both acidic water and alkaline water obtain the electric charge, which is known as oxidation-reduction potential or redox potential (ORP). Their acidic-alkaline characteristics are expressed by pH index. If the ionized water’s pH <7, it’s acidic water, if pH>7, it’s alkaline water, if ionized water’s pH=7, it’s neutral.

Normally, the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of alkaline ionized water is negative -150 to – 250 mV, which means that alkaline water ions have free electrons, which can be used to neutralize the harmful free radicals. The free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons, and therefore they become highly chemically reactive and aggressive and attack healthy cells in order to get the missing electron thus damaging the cells. Reasons causing presence of free radicals in the body are related mainly to the modern lifestyle – junk food, smoking, sweets, carbonated soft drinks, antibiotics, stress etc. Excessive presence of free radicals in the body can lead to many diseases including premature aging.

Antioxidants are known to be able to neutralize free radicals by supplying them with the missing electron. Alkaline ionized water belongs to the natural antioxidants.  By drinking the alkaline water the body can compensate the lack of free electrons and neutralize the free radicals.  Thus the alkaline ionized water can protect the cells and strengthen the body’s immune system, which is one of the main alkaline ionized water benefits.

2.     Alkalisation of the body environment

pH of the internal body environment is alkaline, with exception of stomach acid. For example, optimal pH of blood is 7.3 – 7.45. Unfortunately, with years due to the acidic waste accumulation the body becomes acidic and the blood alkalinity decreases. Even dropping below 7.3 could be considered as acidic state, because internal body environment varies in a very small range. Acidification leads to accumulation of acidic waste (like cholesterol, fat) in the body and to cellulites. If the body cannot dissolve and remove this waste, then it tries to deposit it somewhere leading to e.g. belly fat accumulation.  

Alkaline minerals plays important role in the de-acidification process. Alkaline minerals necessary for de-acidification your body can receive only from the food and fluids you drink. The most important alkaline minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Alkaline water together with alkaline minerals effectively neutralizes, dissolves and removes the acidic waste from the body through the kidneys.

So the benefit of alkaline ionized water is to keep the body environment alkaline. By drinking the alkaline water every day, you provide your body with alkaline ion cocktail, which effectively maintains the alkaline medium. It dissolves and removes the acidic waste and increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

3.     Direct absorption

Alkaline ionized water has smaller molecular clusters. Water molecules have ability to build molecular clusters or a group of molecules. Molecular clusters of alkaline water are composed of significantly lower number of molecules – only 5 to 6. Molecular clusters of ordinary drinking water consist of 10 to 13 molecules. Because of smaller size alkaline water molecules can pass through the cell membranes very easy and are directly involved in the metabolic processes. No extra energy is needed. Alkaline water can penetrate into the tissues very easy and it eliminates the toxins from there, saturates the cells with water and dissolves the toxins in the most difficult places to reach. Alkaline antioxidant water neutralizes effectively the acidic waste toxins accumulated in the body fluids and flushes them out through the kidneys.

4.     Blood thinning

Surface tension of alkaline water is almost two times lower than that of water and close to the surface tension of the blood. This means that the alkaline water is more wet then the ordinary water. Since the blood contains 90% of water, by drinking the alkaline water it gets into the blood and makes the blood thinner. This is a very important feature, because the acidic blood becomes thicker, impairs blood circulation and creates the risk of blood clots. By drinking alkaline water, blood becomes liquid in a natural way.

5.     Activation of food digestion processes

With the years the body acidity-alkalinity balance can shift to the acidic. Behind the acidic waste accumulation another problem is inability of the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid necessary for complete digestion of the food. By drinking the alkaline ionized water, the following processes are ongoing in the stomach:

The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is secreted by the cells according to the need – as you eat or drink; there is no stock of it. When the pH level goes above 4, gastric cells start to produce extra acid to lower it. Once the cells produce hydrochloric acid, they also make the alkaline balance – sodium or potassium bicarbonate, which gets into the blood stream. This is needed to maintain the alkaline “buffer” in the blood and to neutralize the acidic waste. When the digested food passes from the stomach into intestines, it is very acid and in order to avoid any acid burns the residual acid is neutralized by the pancreas using the same alkaline “buffer”.

Alkaline ionized water stimulates the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid and at the same time it increases the alkaline buffer in the blood, which is important for the body de-acidification.  The difference between the ordinary water and the alkaline water is that in this case the alkaline water provides additional alkalinity to the body.

The alkaline ionized water benefits has been discovered already long time ago

Ionized Water Benefits are known in Japan and South Korea already for more than 40 years. Almost every fifth family in Japan is familiar with ionized water. And it’s very common to use the ionized water for different health purposes instead of expensive drugs and antibiotics.