Why Alkaline Ionized Water Is Tasty and Useful Water for Everyday Life?

Alkaline Ionized Water Is Tasty and Useful WaterAlkaline ionized water is not water, in which two spoons of soda or any other alkali is added. It is a body friendly alkaline drinking water that is enriched with ions of alkaline elements. The most important elements for humans are magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium and sodium. These elements are used by our body to restore the acid-base balance. However, if they are not sufficient, our body begins to consume the ones that are in tissues already. Leaching of these elements from the body tissues will take place; this will result in fragility of bones, nails, hair, problems with pancreatic gland, brain activity will be disordered and so on.

Our body is smart – to function it will use inner resources (tissues) thinking that the host will prevent the shortage soon. Unfortunately, many of us do not even think over what our body needs. Body function disorders occur, free radicals destroy healthy cells and as a result we suffer from headache and organ dysfunction, we are falling ill more often and getting older earlier.

Much food that we consume promotes an increase in acid level in our body. Moreover, ecological conditions and human isolation from nature does not assist to normal body regeneration.

Cellular consistency is preserved by special enzymes as a result of continuous energy supply. Disorders of this consistency as a result of acid-forming food consumption result in higher level of toxic reactive oxygen forms, like peroxides and free radicals. Due to influence of reactive oxygen (active oxygen) forms, such important cell components as lipids and DNA are oxidized. As a result, multiple serious diseases occur, e.g. Alzheimer’s disease and atherosclerosis; well, the body-oxidizing process itself is a constituent part of an ageing process. In fact, alkaline ionized water is to neutralize these free radicals and peroxides giving them its own electrons.

Alkaline ionized water alkalizes the human body and helps to preserve healthy acid-base balance. Alkaline water has wonderful anti-oxidizing features and protects the body cells from harmful influence of free radicals. Thus, our natural protecting system is activated. Let’s remember that free radicals emerge in the body as a result of stress or because of pathologic processes. Namely, they are the cause of many diseases. Very often doctors say that nerves are the root of all diseases.

The Japanese scientists were the first who prove that alkaline water fights with free radicals. They called it reduced water because of its reduction properties. Their research clarified the reasons of a wonderful alkaline water effect when treating such diseases as quinsy, hypertension and diabetes. As a matter of fact, alkaline water not only slows down oxidative reactions in the body, blocks harmful effect of free radicals, but also stimulates human body to produce substances that prevent appearance of hazardous oxidizers. These substances are vitamin C, catalase, flavonoids and other ferments, which repeatedly intensify positive influence on DNA cells and protect them from injury.

Alkaline ionized water appears to be incomparable multifunctional antioxidant able to treat any disease. In fact, it is not a drug affecting some certain organ function, but solution arousing body forces, in other words, revitalizing it from the inside.

Alkaline ionized water has the following benefits:

* Alkaline water does not contain any dangerous chemical substances (salt of heavy metals and so on);

* Alkaline water does not contain any harmful bacteria. Alkaline water is characterized by a slightly alkaline pH level, the same as in our body;

* Alkaline water has a useful mineral composition that is essential for body to function;

* Alkaline water is structured; this means that it will take much less time and energy for our body to digest it;

* Alkaline water has a negative redox potential, the same as our body;

* Alkaline ionized water is not medicine – it is tasty and useful drinking water for everyday life.