Myths about the Alkaline Ionized Water. Is it a Scam?

Are the alkaline ionized water myths true or not?

Alkaline ionized water scamSome websites on the internet spout off the myth by saying that alkaline ionized water is just like any other regular drinking water and that there is no truth in its power. Some go ahead and say that drinking alkaline water can be bad for one’s health. However, these claims are very far from the truth, and the following factors prove that these myths are wrong:

–  In case one is not satisfied with the alkaline water machine, most companies offer guarantees and warranties, where one can return the machine after two months if he/she is dissatisfied with it. This shows that the dealers aim for customers to get long-term satisfaction.

–  Some of the businesses selling alkaline water have been in operation for more than five years and new ones are still being established worldwide. This is after a word spread on the benefits of alkaline water. Therefore, this proves that this is certainly not an unreliable operation.

–  The benefits derived from taking this water have been proven worldwide, for example, increased energy in athletes and its numerous uses when carrying out household chores. This only goes ahead to prove that the myths are wrong.

–  The water has been used for household purposes like sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces, and the surfaces have been found to be germ free. Therefore, this evidence proves that the myths about alkaline ionized water are not true.

Does ionized water scam exist?

Debunkers and quack watchers claim that the ionized water scam exists. In support, they claim that the alkaline water ionizers are expensive for nothing, and the water is just “snake oil” with no health benefits at all. However, research done counters these claims in the following way:

–  The research has reached the conclusion that the ionized water benefits exist so long as the water is used correctly.

–  Unlike claims that only purified water can be drunk, research shows that purified water contains no minerals and hence should not be consumed. However, alkaline ionized water contains minerals and helps to balance the body’s pH.

–  Since food and the body are highly acidic, alkaline water helps to neutralize the acidity and strengthen the body’s immune system.

–  Research also proves that ionization actually exists where the water gains or losses an electron. This proves that the quack watchers are wrong as they say that the term ionized water is not meaningful.

–  The alkaline water ionizers are sold at fair prices unlike the belief that they are overpriced for nothing. Maybe not everybody knows that the electrodes of the alkaline water machine are made of titanium and covered with platinum to provide the highest quality ionization process. These metals are more expensive then gold, and this is an explanation why the prices of alkaline water ionizers are high. The water ionizers also should be long lasting, hence giving value for the money.

–  Medical doctors in Japan for better health first recommended ionized water for use, and it is now used in hospitals for many kinds of treatments. Therefore, this proves that alkaline ionized water is not a scam.

–  Many researchers have also preformed studies on the water and if the ions actually exist. The results have been positive hence proving that the alkaline ionized water is not a scam.

One of the strongest arguments for the ionized water scam support is that the stomach acid neutralizes the alkaline water. Mr. Sang Whang, author of the book “Reverse Aging”, has made an explanation publication about this issue, but the summary is the following:

“Alkaline or acid produced by the body must have an equal and opposite acid or alkaline produced by the body, so there is no net gain. However, alkaline supplied from outside the body, like drinking alkaline water, results in a net gain of alkalinity in our body”. By Sang Whang.

The claims about the alkaline ionized water as a scam mostly come from the people who have never used the ionized water themselves. However, the ionized water benefits are obvious, and one of the easiest ways how to check it is by the examination of the micro-clustered properties of the alkaline ionized water that I have described in my blog.