What are Acidic Ionized Water Benefits and How to use Them?

To describe the acidic ionized water benefits let’s look first at the ionized water types to understand the difference. There are two basic ionized water types depending on whether the water contains more hydrogen H+ or hydroxyl OH- ions. If there are more OH- ions in the water – it’s the alkaline ionized water. If […]

Role of Ionized Water for Acid Alkaline Balance in the Body

Why it is important to keep healthy acid alkaline balance in the body? There should be acid alkaline balance in the human blood. It is a precondition for normal functioning of human body that has protecting systems that preserve this balance. As you already know the human body fluid environment has in general alkaline reaction, […]

What is Ionized Water and its Components?

What is ionized water? What is ionized water and what does each component of the ionized water represent, why it matters and what specific function it has for the body. The ionized water is obtained by using water ionizer in the process of electrolysis. As a result you get acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized […]