Which Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits Should You Consider?

There are so many ionized water benefits that in order to describe them all even a book would be necessary. You can get an excellent curative elixir from the ordinary tap water – you can drink the ionized water, you can cook in it; you can use it for skin and hair care. The main […]

What is Alkaline Ionized Water for Human Body?

Everybody knows that a person for the most part consists of water. But the fact that the water content in the body changes throughout lifetime is sure to be interesting fact for most of us. Thus, the unborn child consists of 90% of water, an adult of middle-age would be at 70% of water, but […]

Role of Ionized Water for Acid Alkaline Balance in the Body

Why it is important to keep healthy acid alkaline balance in the body? There should be acid alkaline balance in the human blood. It is a precondition for normal functioning of human body that has protecting systems that preserve this balance. As you already know the human body fluid environment has in general alkaline reaction, […]

Why Alkaline Ionized Water Is Tasty and Useful Water for Everyday Life?

Alkaline ionized water is not water, in which two spoons of soda or any other alkali is added. It is a body friendly alkaline drinking water that is enriched with ions of alkaline elements. The most important elements for humans are magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium and sodium. These elements are used by our body to […]

What is Ionized Water and its Components?

What is ionized water? What is ionized water and what does each component of the ionized water represent, why it matters and what specific function it has for the body. The ionized water is obtained by using water ionizer in the process of electrolysis. As a result you get acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized […]