What is Hexagonal Water and How to get it?

Hexagonal WaterThe water molecules are made up of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms hence forming H2O. In the case of hexagonal water, six water molecules of H2O link together to form a ring structure. The structure is held together by a common hydrogen bond.  A number of this hexagonal units join together to form a more complex crystalline network. The structure enhances nutrient absorption and the ability of the body to remove metabolic wastes.



What influences the water structure

Generally, water contains some percentage of these hexagonal units, although they may differ where some water have more than others do. A number of factors like toxin levels, motion, mineral content and the energetic influences that the water is exposed to may bring about this difference. Chlorine, fluoride and other pollutants destroy the ability of water to form these hexagon units. This is especially the case with municipal water that contains high percentages of chlorine and fluoride minerals hence making the water to possess very low percentage of hexagonal structures. Another factor that influences the structure of the water molecules is temperature. At 10degrees Celsius, 22% of water is hexagonally structured, at a freezing point, 26% of water is hexagonally structured and at -30 to -40 degrees Celsius, the water is 100% hexagonally structured.

Healing water

“Healing springs” is the name given to those places all over the world that contain water with high number of hexagonal structures. An example of one such place is Lourdes in France. The inhabitants of these places are also known to live long disease free lives. Ordinary tap water is seen to have large unorganized molecule size, which is not supportive of biological functions that take place in the human body. On the other hand, hex-water has small molecule structures, and it enables biological functions to take place better.

The practical and easiest way to produce the hexagonal water at home is by using the water ionizer. Alkaline ionized water is also hexagonal because it is structured.

A number of benefits that one gets from drinking hexagonal water include:

a)      The water helps nutrients move faster into the cells. It improves the cellular water environment in the body as it penetrates the cells faster due to its small molecule size;

b)      It helps prevent chronic dehydration in the body, especially as a person’s age where it slows down the aging process;

c)      This water helps metabolic reactions by enhancing them;

d)     The water is easily absorbed in the body compared to other types of water hence increasing the minerals in the body;

e)      It helps easy removal of waste and toxins from the body;

f)       The water improves cellular communication in the body;

g)      It strengthens the immune system;

h)      The alkalinity in the water helps balance the pH of the body;

i)        There is increased oxygen of up to 30% in hexagon water as the turbulent forces found in the molecules create a visible vortex that creates space for more oxygen in the water.