Role of Ionized Water for Acid Alkaline Balance in the Body

Why it is important to keep healthy acid alkaline balance in the body?

Ionized Water for Acid Alkaline BalanceThere should be acid alkaline balance in the human blood. It is a precondition for normal functioning of human body that has protecting systems that preserve this balance. As you already know the human body fluid environment has in general alkaline reaction, in other words, a negative redox-potential.

However, every single organ has its own potential and can function only if acid alkaline balance level remains unchanged. The slightest differences in organ’s pH lead to its function distortion and then to a diseased condition. If acidity changes considerably, then organ’s vital function becomes questionable. What acidity level should human organs have to function properly? Gastric juice has the highest acidity level. Its pH is from 1.5 to 1.7. Such acidity is essential to produce special enzymes that ensure digestion of different food. If gastric juice acidity decreases, ulcer develops. Urine acidity is from 5.5 to 7 and decrease in acidity affects kidneys function that clear the body of chemical waste.

Body acid alkaline imbalance is considered to be a serious acid intoxication. Factors influencing acid alkaline imbalance are different. More often, an excessive amount of acids or alkali may appear in the body because of malnutrition or redundancy of negative emotions. In the world, more than 70% of people suffer from excessive acidity of inner body environment. First of all, food and methods of processing them are to blame. More than 80% of products that we consume are referred to acid-forming. And it is not important how they taste. Simply, more acid than alkali is produced as a result of their digestion.

To acid-forming products are referred the following: beef, pork, mutton, chicken, sausage, products made of white flour, sugar, coffee, black tea, all alcoholic drinks, pasteurized juice, fish and sea food, curd, cheese, nuts and seeds, herbs, bread, scones and cakes, ice-cream, eggs, carbonated soft drinks and so on. An excessive consumption of acid-forming products can lead to allergy, arthritis, arthrosis, asthma, atherosclerosis, sterility, back aches, bronchitis, gastritis, hemorrhoid, headaches and migraine, mycotic infection, diabetes, gallbladder calculi, respiratory illnesses, odontopathy, intestine diseases, neuropathy, liver diseases, kidney diseases, vascular diseases, halitosis, impotence, sleep disorder, neuralgia, osteoporosis, obesity, parodontosis, leg sweating, premenstrual syndrome, premature ageing, eye problems, stomach problems, problems with intervertebral disks, pimples, cancer, disseminated sclerosis, rheumatism and eczema.

What to do to fix the acid alkaline balance in the blood

Alkaline ionized water, which is alkaline by nature, neutralizes excessive acid in the body and restore the acid alkaline balance. Due to its penetrating ability (alkaline water molecule clusters are smaller than a regular water molecule clusters), it penetrates in every organ, in every cell much faster than ordinary water. Alkaline ionized water has body original redox-potential and pH level. Due to such an effect, the body begins to function as it should, it fights against diseases, clears chemical waste and toxins that are stored in cells because of a destructive effect of environment and malnutrition.

By starting to drink the alkaline ionized water you can imagine how much you can increase the quality of your life because your body is not worn out as it used before, but functions absolutely in a normal way.