What is Ionized Water and its Components?

What is ionized water?

Two Components Of Ionized WaterWhat is ionized water and what does each component of the ionized water represent, why it matters and what specific function it has for the body. The ionized water is obtained by using water ionizer in the process of electrolysis. As a result you get acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized water which represent two components of ionized water. Both are useful but only for different purposes. We are used more to alkaline water which is good for drinking and detoxification but the acidic water can be used as well only for external use for example for skin care. For better understanding what is ionized water, lets consider both components of ionized water.

Acidic ionized water

Acidic ionized water is an acid solution and has strong anti-bacterial properties. At first sight acidic water is a colorless liquid with a smell of acids, and a taste of both sour and a bit knitting liquid. Acidic water pH level is < 7.

Because acidic water has anti-bacterial properties, it has excellent disinfecting properties. Acidic water is used with great success for disinfection of linen, dishes, and premises. Acidic ionized water can be used also in treating the bedding and the bed in case of bed bugs and fleas infestation. In addition, for health, acidic water is an excellent cold remedy. It is used when ear, nose or throat health problems occur. Rinsing of throat is great for treatment and preventive maintenance of a seasonal flu.

Acidic water reduces pain in joints of hands and legs, destroys fungi, treats stomatitis, and dissolves stones in a bladder.

Acidic ionized water keeps its properties on average for 1-2 weeks, when stored in closed containers.

Alkaline ionized water

Alkaline ionized water is an alkaline solution, which shows strong qualities of a bio stimulator. This water tastes like alkaline, but it’s also colorless. Alkaline water pH level is > 7.

Because alkaline ionized water is a natural bio stimulator, it perfectly restores immune system, provides antioxidant protection for the body, especially in combination with vitamins it becomes a source of vital energy.

Alkaline water activates all bio processes of the body, raises blood pressure, improves appetite, increases metabolism and improves general state of health.

The only disadvantage of alkaline water is that it quickly loses its biochemical and medical properties, because it is an active and unstable system. Alkaline ionized water can be used for two days, if stored in closed container in a dark place.

Ionized water benefits

By knowing the benefits of ionized water its easier to understand what is ionized water:

1. Alkaline ionized water is multifunctional antioxidant

On one hand alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, and on the other – significantly increases the functions of fermental and non fermental antioxidants – vitamin C and flavonoids.

2. Alkaline ionized water is a source of vitamins and micro elements

Our body better digests those micronutrients and vitamins, which are in the form of ions. From external antioxidants no more than 20 % of vitamins and minerals are absorbed, but alkaline water has its minerals in the form of ions, and they are absorbed completely.

3. Alkaline ionized water restores acid-alkaline balance

Alkaline water has the most optimum pH level for the body – from 7 up to 10, therefore it is the most effective and simple way for normalization and maintenance of acid-alkaline balance in the body.

4. Alkaline ionized water is a very strong immunostimulator

Just the alkaline water is a very strong immunostimulator. The acidic water shows other positive effects on the body, however it does not influence the immune system in any way. Researches have shown that patients sick with viral infections, who drunk alkaline water, recovered obviously much quicker.

5. Ionized water is a data carrier

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto influenced the water with words (including written), therefore the structure of water changed. Also negative words structured the water molecules in a special order and image. But ionized alkaline water was capable to erase all the negative information. The alkaline water helps to adjust the body on a healthy way, and carries out the cleaning function.

Before drinking alkaline ionized water try to charge it with your personal positive energy. Prepare alkaline water only when you are in a good mood, when you preliminarily got rid of negative thoughts and feelings. Then drink the water and imagine how a good and strong feeling of wealth and happiness is getting into your body with this water.

In this blog we are going deeper to discuss what is ionized water covering each aspect.