What are the Ionized Water FAQs? Part 2

Ionized water FAQs continued

Ionized water FAQCan I make the alkaline ionized water by putting any pill, drops or something else into the water?

By using some additives and putting them into the water, you can make the water alkaline, but this is not the ionized water any more. The effectiveness of the alkaline water will be reduced more than twice. When you use the water ionizer machine, you are charging the water and making a natural anti-oxidant from it.

What exactly is the alkaline water and how to get it?

The alkaline water comes from the nature because most of the healing water springs are alkaline, and this is the best water for human consumption. How to determine that the water is alkaline? Check the pH of the water. If you look at the pH scale, the neutral water is 7.0; anything above 7.0 on that scale is alkaline, and anything below it is acidic. For example, soda solution is very alkaline, but the  battery acid is very acidic.
Alkaline ionized water is made by water ionizer machines, and this is the best way to do it. In ionization process the water will get the electric charge, what is good because it will become anti-oxidant without any need for extra chemicals. The alkaline water can be made anywhere from 7.0 to 10 or 11 on the pH scale. This is the alkaline ionized water.

How much alkaline ionized water should I drink?

It depends on your body; either a half ounce or one ounce of water for every pound of your body weight and that will vary based on your activity level. If you perspire more due to some reason, then you should drink more, and you should monitor your hydration level, but that’s a general advice.

Is alkaline water free of fluoride?

If you just ionize the tap water and not filter it, then yes, you will have the contaminants in this water. In order to purify the water prior ionization, the pre-filters should be used to take out the fluoride if that is in your municipal water supply. You can use also special filters to take out heavy toxic metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. Most of the water ionizers are already equipped with basic water filters but by choosing the proper water ionizer you pay a special attention to water filtering system and its characteristics.

Does the alkaline ionized water have the scientific base?  Where can I find this information?

The alkaline water in western countries is relatively new. In Korea and Japan it is known for a long time and a lot of studies have been already done. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies have no interest in it, because they can’t sell the pills of the ionized water, it is too cheap comparing to the medicine the doctors prescribe, or it is considered just water. That’s why it’s difficult to find the information about it in the medical literature. However, for further information you can try to make a search at http://scholar.google.com/ using the terms electrolyzed water, reduced water and alkaline ionized water, and you will find pretty many scientific studies that have been done.

To find the collection of studies about ionized water click here.

Is it healthy to make the alkaline water by adding baking soda to the drinking water?

The baking soda is another chemical – sodium bicarbonate, and you will get the liquid that is not only very tasty, but you will get an incredible sodium load at the same time. Adding of backing soda to make the water alkaline for permanent use cannot be recommended.

Can I drink the distilled water or de-ionized water? Is it healthy for me?

The distilled or de-ionized water is about the same purity only the production technology is different. The concept of distilled water for drinking has been discussed already for a long time, and it comes from the idea that there could be a water of the best possible purity for human consumption. By distillation or de-ionization you can get this purity, but you will find out that such pure water doesn’t exist in nature. It can be made only artificially. People think that this is the best water for drinking, but it’s not. If you want to drink the distilled water, just remember that it is not alkaline – it’s acidic water. Distilled water is neutral during the first hours after distillation, but then it sucks the CO2 from the air and becomes acidic, as a carbonic acid.  It has no minerals in it so your body more or less has to give up minerals, specifically calcium, to buffer the acidity of the distilled water itself. The concept of 100% pure water for drinking comes from the idea of eliminating all toxins and contaminants from the water, but the distilled and de-ionized water is not the best water for human consumption.