What are the Ionized Water FAQs? Part 3

Ionized water FAQs continued

Ionized water FAQDoes alkaline ionized water or Kangen water help to lower the high blood pressure?

Alkaline ionized water or Kangen water can help to lower the high blood pressure, but it is not a medicine. By drinking the alkaline water you are consuming not only the water, but also the minerals contained in it. The most important are calcium, magnesium, and potassium. There are studies that prove that minerals from alkaline ionized water are absorbed by the body by approximately 30% better than the same minerals from the food. This is because the minerals are in ion form. The most important minerals – calcium, magnesium, and potassium, have been studied in regards to lowering the blood pressure. They are playing important role also for the de-acidification of the body and it is recommended to include them into the overall diet to increase the alkalinity of the body.

I have the reverse osmosis system at home; can I connect the water ionizer and make the ionized water?

The water purified by the reverse osmosis system is very close to the distilled or de-ionized water. The reverse osmosis system removes 99% of all the minerals from the water, so this water is not suitable for ionization because there are almost no mineral ions; the ionization simply doesn’t happen. You should use the pre-remineralization cartridge to introduce the minerals back into the water before it can be ionized. The pre-remineralization should be installed after the reverse osmosis system and before the water goes into the water ionizer machine. This is a good system because from one hand you will get all the contaminants out of the water and from other the water is enriched once again with minerals and gets ionized.

How can I make the alkaline ionized water when I’m away from home?

Click here to get the Pitcher of LifeWhen you are away from home or you travel you can use the portable unit Pitcher of LIFE or Alkaline Water Pitcher. This is the latest development of Life Ionizers. It’s not as effective as the water ionizer machine, but it still can produce the moderate pH alkaline water with negative ORP and even add calcium and magnesium to the water. Only make sure that you will drink the clean water from your source without fluoride in it or other contaminants. Maybe the best way is to buy the bottled natural mineral water in the shop and by using the Pitcher of LIFE turn it into the alkaline water. This is the best option for making the alkaline water while you are traveling or away from home.

How can I test my body’s pH at home?

In an accurate way you can test your body’s pH in a local blood diagnostic lab. If it should be made on a daily basis it’s not very convenient. However, you can check your very first urine pH at the morning and it will give you estimate what your body`s pH is. Any other urine which you can take during the day is not suitable for this test because it is influenced by the consumed food and drinks. Even if you want to make the urine test at the health care lab they will ask you to bring the first morning urine. During the night your body has basically processed itself for 6-9 hours and you have reached some type of homeostatic equilibrium. So take the first morning urine for this test.
For the average person who eats the ordinary food the urine will be acidic. The goal is to get a neutral pH 7 or even to make it more alkaline. If you have already pH 7 or little above this is already great. You don’t have to drink more strong ionized alkaline water just for that purpose, just maintain the body’s pH at that level. This is the best way to monitor your body’s internal pH level.