Ionized water FAQs. Part 4

Ionized water FAQs continued

The best food in the world is acidic. I don’t want to eat only the salads, spinach and broccoli forever. How to get around it and enjoy the life? Why should I drink the alkaline ionized water?

Ionized water FAQMany people are used to the modern food that changing the diet can be even a psychological problem, including starting to drink the alkaline ionized water. You can imagine your life as the concentric circles of eating habits and in the middle is the center of perfect living. On the outer level you would be eating fast food, smoking cigarettes, drinking soft drinks, going a level, where you have already eliminated those things, going to another level – now maybe you aren’t eating pork and red meat, and when going another level you start the alkaline diet. This is a question of eating habit development. If you ever want to change your eating habits, you should take those steps.

It can be recommended the 20% / 80% diet in order not to create the stress and become obsessed with it. The 20% of your diet is just being for taste, but the rest 80% is the alkaline diet. Just get the diet plan and get started to go through all the stages of your eating habit development. The benefits of the alkaline diet will be more energy, feeling better and this will encourage you to continue that journey. The drinking of alkaline ionized water is probably the easiest way to start.
The body pH level should be constant 7.45. If it drops below 7.35, you will become disoriented and fall in a comma and eventually die, if it goes long enough. If blood pH rises above 7.45, then you have trouble breathing, convulsions and enter into a comma and could die. If this statement is correct, drinking alkaline ionized water is quite pointless.
This is true and you can find in the medical literature that the body has built in homeostatic mechanisms to maintain your pH at that level. This you can hear also from the doctors. Only the thing what they don’t tell you is, how it happens and what is the cost. Let’s look what will happen if the body is in a state of chronic metabolic acidosis or is “too acid.” The standard American diet, which is oddly called the “S-A-D” or the “sad diet,” creates chronic metabolic acidosis. In a result, the body has to use those homeostatic mechanisms to balance it back out, and the quickest and most efficient way how the body does this is by releasing calcium from the bones. That calcium goes into the blood systemic circulation, it buffers the acidity, and the blood pH is maintained at that level, but the people end up with osteoporosis, and we have a terrible osteoporosis problem in this country. There are also other complications of that. The body tends to over compensate it, and when the excessive calcium is released into the system, the kidneys have to filter that out, and this is why a lot of people have kidney stones, and this is a big problem. However, if the urine is alkaline, the formation of kidney stones is prevented, but this is only possible by regular drinking of alkaline ionized water.

So, this whole concept of drinking alkaline water is often discarded based on the assumption that the body is so miraculously and at no expense going to maintain the blood pH. These mechanisms exist, but by robbing the body and taking the minerals out of the body and making organs sick.