Ionized Water FAQs. Part 5. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

Ionized water FAQs continued

Can I drink the alkaline ionized water with pH 9.5 and 10?

Ionized water FAQThe drinking of alkaline ionized water with pH level 9.5 is the highest that could be recommended. It’s better to drink the alkaline water with pH level between 9 and 9.5. However, monitor your well-being and measure the first urine pH in the morning. It can be continued at least for 30 days and on the basis on that the pH level of alkaline ionized water you drink could be adjusted either by increasing or decreasing the pH level.

For how long time the alkaline ionized water maintains its alkalinity?

Apple oxidationThe alkaline ionized water produced by alkaline machines at some point could be compared with fruit juices obtained by juice extractor.  If you will measure the ORP of the fresh juice you will find out that it’s negative because it has alkaline pH level. If you will leave the fresh juice for hours it will start to lose its freshness because of the oxidation. The same happens if you cut the apple. With a time it will become brown. This process is called oxidation, and the oxidizer in this case is oxygen. The same is happening also with alkaline water. That’s way it’s recommended to drink the alkaline ionized water as well as natural juices as soon as they are obtained and not to make a huge stock. The oxidation takes place slowly and if we are talking about the alkaline ionized water it happens during the days not hours.

If you can limit the alkaline ionized water exposure to oxygen, you can maintain the alkalinity and ORP of the alkaline water for several days or even for more than a week. The cooling helps as well. However, it’s recommended always to drink the alkaline water fresh. But, if fresh alkaline water isn’t available, having it’s four days old is still better than anything else that you can drink, and you are still going to receive some health benefits.

Is it safe for children to start drinking the alkaline ionized water?

The children can drink the alkaline water, however, in many cases it’s not needed and that’s why not recommended for children before the age of ten, unless they have a specific health problem. The children are young and have intensive metabolic activity going on in the body. They are not particularly toxic unless were born from a toxic mother. They don’t need as much of the antioxidant properties as an older person would need. In the age of around 10 or 11 some of the metabolic activity is starting to slow down, and it would be possible to introduce the alkaline ionized water. They can start to drink the alkaline water with the lowest level, because it’s anyway slightly alkaline.