Ionized Water FAQs. Part 6. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

How the alkaline ionized water enters the blood stream to stabilize the pH balance? If you drink the alkaline ionized water it should pass through the stomach, which is acidic by its nature, so the alkaline water can be neutralized or become acidic.

Ionized Water FAQThe belief that the stomach acid could neutralize the alkaline water is often called as an alkaline water scam, and some people even advocate that you don’t need to drink the alkaline ionized water, but it’s not the case. The people think that the stomach is a continual reservoir of acidity, and anything that hits it is being either neutralized or acidified. If this would be true, the stomach acid would easily burn your stomach. The fact is that the stomach starts to produce the stomach acid only when some food gets into the stomach. When the stomach is empty, there is a very little stomach acid because the stomach stops to produce it. This is the time for drinking the alkaline ionized water. If you drink the alkaline water or any water during the meal time, you just dilute your digestive juices and create indigestion. The best way is to drink the alkaline water a half hour before the meal and 45 min to one hour after the meal not to spoil the digestion.

When the stomach is empty and contains no food, it doesn’t contain also the stomach acid. It’s not a chronic reservoir of the hydrochloric acid. The human body knows well, how to regulate itself, how to breathe and how to absorb the water. It can absorb the alkaline water effortlessly – in your mouth and in your stomach. And the alkaline ionized water is not going to be acidified in your stomach if you drink it in a proper time. If that was the case, then there would be no sense in eating any healthy food because it would all get acidified in your stomach.

The only case when the stomach produces the stomach acid continuously is when it has been infected by some bacteria which are damaging the stomach protective coating and causing the stomach disease. In this case there is a burning sensation in the stomach caused by the continuous production of the stomach acid. But this is another issue.

Somebody may ask: is the stomach going to digest the alkaline water and secrete the stomach acid? The answer is “No”; the stomach won’t digest the water because the water is not a food.

Does alkaline water help with cramping?

Yes, it does in some cases. The common cause of cramping is an electrolyte imbalance in the body, and most often it is caused by dehydratation. You need to be hydrated to relieve leg cramps and you also need electrolytes. The electrolytes, which are applicable here are calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, and you will get these in the ionized water because all of those minerals are alkaline by the definition – alkaline minerals. By drinking the ionized water these will be well absorbed into the body.

There are other types of leg cramps that are not related to an electrolyte problem, but an actual oxygenation or circulation problem, and those respond often to vitamin E, but the generic leg cramps will respond very well to better hydration and better electrolyte balance in the body.