Ionized Water FAQs. Part 7. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

How the alkaline ionized water is affecting the digestion of food as well as the ability to absorb the vitamins, minerals and medication

Alkaline Ionized WaterYou shouldn’t drink alkaline ionized water briefly before eating.  Stop drinking any water a half hour before the meal. If you are filling the stomach with water along with food you are creating indigestion. So, don’t do that. Get hydrated before you eat, and afterwards.

In reference to substances and medication, it’s recommended to drink the alkaline water when you take the medication and even close to that time. It’s because the coating of pharmaceutical pills have been designed to break down at a certain pH and to be absorbed into the body at a certain rate. The alkaline water can significantly increase the absorption, and you can increase the pharmaceutical drug concentration into your body quicker and make it even higher than it was designed to be. In reference to food supplements, it depends. Sometimes it’s good to drink the alkaline water when taking supplements because then they are being absorbed in the best possible way.

Water ionizer machine can split the water into positive and negative ions. Which ions create alkaline ionized water – positive or negative ions?

The question is: which of the water molecule ion group is beneficial for drinking – the Hydrogen H+ or Hydroxyl OH- ? Some people say that the alkaline ionized water benefits comes from Hydrogen H+ ions, but that’s not true. The Hydrogen H+ ions carry positive charge, it means that they are oxidants because they are lacking an extra electron. In the opposite, the Hydroxyl OH- ions carry negative charge because they have an extra electron, so they are the electron donors and the anti-oxidants, and the water has a negative ORP. Hydroxyl OH- ions create alkaline water that is used for drinking. Hydrogen H+ ions create acidic water which is used for external use only – for skin care and cleaning. The alkaline water benefits come especially from an extra electron, and such water acts as a free radical neutralizer. Other food substances, which are called antioxidants, like berries, vitamin C or any other types of antioxidants work by donating electrons to free radicals to neutralize them.