How Can You Use Ionized Water for Your Beauty?

Ionized water for beautyThe alkaline ionized and the acidic ionized water is a good source not only for your health, but also for your beauty. Actually, ionized water for beauty has been used already a long time.

People who are healthy from the inside are full with joy, and this makes them attractive. The health of internal organs is reflected on the skin – it is pure and young. The ionized water has also an external effect on a person – it eliminates wrinkles, strengthens the hair and makes it silky. Some men can even get rid of baldness. It eliminates circles under the eyes and signs of fatigue after a sleepless night.

The natural skin pH level is 4.5 to 5.5. However, the soaps and shampoos are highly alkaline and make skin pH imbalance. That’s way, for the skin and hair care it’s recommended the acidic ionized water with pH level 4.5 to 5.5, which can restore the natural pH level close to 5.5. This is the reason why acidic water is often is called ionized water for beauty.

To achieve the positive effect and look great, it is suggested to use these proved recipes tested by many women.

Recipe for women

The recipe, thanks to which the women can drop a couple of years, look and feel younger by saving a lot of money on artificial cosmetic creams, consists of three rules:

1. Wash your face daily with acidic ionized water in the morning. After you do this, make a finger massage of your face, chin and neck;

2. Wash your hair at least twice a week with acidic water;

3. Once or twice a week apply a mask made of curd, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Acidic ionized water for hair care

At least twice a week, after washing your hair with some mild shampoo, you need to wipe the hair and rinse it with acidic ionized water. Then wipe your hair once again and let it dry naturally. Hair becomes softer; the dandruff disappears, this procedure heals abrasions and scratches, stops itching and hair loss. After three or four months of regular hair care, the new hair starts to grow.

However, the use of ionized water for beauty does only end with the skin and hair care, but it can be very effective for the weight loss as well.

Alkaline ionized water for weight loss

You can watch this video to discover the importance of alkaline ionized water for weight loss.

In general, with a habit to eat two fundamental senses are associated. The first is related to the food and is often called a hunger. The second is the feeling of thirst. Both we feel in the same area and they are caused by histamine. These two signals are easily to confuse, and we often think we want to eat, but in fact, we want to drink. We mistakenly assume that we want to drink, only when the feeling of dry mouth appears. However, we should not forget that this signal comes the last one, and it is often felt after a heavy meal. The best way to separate the feeling of thirst and hunger is to drink the alkaline water before eating.

In order to combat the obesity, there is a simple and effective system, which is to drink 1-2 glasses of alkaline ionized water as follows:

– In the morning immediately after waking up;

– 30 to 45 minutes before a meal (especially for those who suffer from gastritis, heartburn, ulcers, colitis and other digestive disorders);

– 2.5 hours after a meal.

Always drink water, preferably alkaline water, when you are thirsty, even including during your meals. A glass of water stimulates the part of the autonomic system – the sympathetic nervous system – for 1.5-2 hours. The adrenaline produced in this process increases the activity of the enzyme that breaks down the fat.

By drinking the alkaline ionized water according to the proposed scheme, you will feel satiated, and you will start to eat only when the body does need the food. This means that the demand for food will be reduced. Further weight reduction will occur due to elimination of excess fluid contained in the tissues.

The next step to lose the weight by drinking water is losing of the accumulated fat. Increased intake of water by itself will help to reduce the excess weight. Approximately, 6.5-13 pounds can be reduced in less than three weeks. Such an immediate weight loss occurs due to elimination of edema fluid that is contained in the tissues and delivers water to vital cells. If in addition to the increased intake of water you will activate the fat-burning enzymes, then the weight loss will be more visible and more proportional.

Ionized water for training and fitness

In many fitness clubs the ionized water machines already have been installed for the preparation of alkaline ionized water for the clients in order to improve their shape and health. However, if you don’t find any, make the alkaline water at home and take it with you.

During the active exercise due to enhanced sweating, the body loses a lot of liquid; therefore it must be immediately filled up. If you don’t do that, then the lack of moisture will lead to the thickening of blood and lymph, and as a consequence to the difficulty with heart function, removal of toxins and other problems. Therefore, it’s better to refill the body with alkaline water.

As you remember, the alkaline water is the most suitable for the body, because it has the closest redox potential. When the body is tired after the workout, it doesn’t need to spend the time and energy on the processing of water to the desired condition. The body will take the water as it owns and get a big charge of health. And you will get a new source of energy and good mood.
In addition, the alkaline ionized water has a large range of useful benefits. It will help to improve your metabolism, your immunity and slow down the aging process.

By using the ionized water for beauty you can get a double effect. The alkaline ionized water can help to eliminate the acidic wastes in the body but acidic ionized water is useful for the skin and hair care.