How Can You Use Ionized Water for Cooking and Cleaning?

Ionized water for cooking and cleaningEver wondered how you can use the ionized water for cooking and cleaning at home? Well wonder no more, some other sorts of ionized water, which are not so well-known, can be very useful as well.

Ionized water is made with the help of water ionizer machine. The size of this machine is like that of a coffee maker, and it is hooked to the kitchen tap water using a horse pipe. The water is first filtered in the machine then it passes through seven electrically charged metal plates, where the ionization process takes place hence separating the alkaline ionized water and the acidic ionized water. So, water ionizer machine can produce two sorts of ionized water and both can be used.

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For this purpose you can use any water ionizer you like to, like Kangen water ionizer machine, Jupiter water ionizer machine or others.

There are many reasons why we use ionized water, and they mostly revolve around our health. However, there are other benefits associated with the different types of ionized water. One of the ionized water benefits is that this water can be used for cleaning of fruits and vegetables. The water has different pH values, and the alkaline water with high pH value about 11 is the one that is used to clean the fruits and vegetables. It is normally referred to as the strong alkaline ionized water or Strong Kangen water. Note that the water with pH value 11 is alkaline ionized water for cleaning and not for drinking.

In the same time here is acidic ionized water which can be used for disinfection of fruits and vegetables. It is called strong acidic ionized water with pH value about 2.5. You may ask; what is the difference? Strong acidic ionized water kills bacteria but strong alkaline water solves pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

The ways how to use the ionized water for cooking and cleaning of vegetables and fruits are described below:

– Soak tough textured products like broccoli and lettuce in the strong acidic water of preferably pH 2.5 for two to three minutes. This helps to kill microbes that might be produced and softens the hard texture. It is a powerful tool to fight bacteria and germs.

– And then the vegetables should be soaked in strong alkaline water of preferably pH 11.5 for five minutes. The water cleans the products, removes herbicides and pesticides from the outer layer of the vegetables and enhances the shelf life of the vegetables. The strong alkaline ionized water is a great emulsifier for cleaning out chemicals such as pesticides found on fruits. This is unlike for rain and tap water, which cannot remove the oil based pesticides.

– The water does not change the color of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, eggplants and red cabbages, but instead it brings out these vibrant colors.

– We all like fresh vegetables, and that is why they are stored in the fridge. However, the vegetables can absorb moisture in the fridge. Soaking vegetables, that have “gone soft”, ensures restoration of their crispness.

– When stored soaked in ionized water, vegetables such as carrots, celery and broccoli maintain their crispness. This is important as the vegetables still maintain their freshness, and they cannot easily go bad.

– Kangen Water or alkaline ionized water is used to remove the harsh taste of bamboo shots and onions hence making these vegetables friendlier to eat.

– The alkaline water which is used for drinking can be used also for boiling of vegetables. It brings out and enhances their natural flavor. This makes the vegetables more nutritious for the body.

Alkaline ionized water is being advertized a lot as the best water for drinking and this is truth, but at the same time you can use the ionized water for cooking and cleaning, which are other ionized water benefits.