How Can You Use The Ionized Water for Health and Healing?

By using the ionized water for health and hygienic procedures you can see the effect of its healing properties. The ionized water can quickly and effectively treat many illnesses without any chemicals.

Ionized water for healthHowever, it’s recommended to consult your doctor, who understands the ionized water benefits.

During the electrolysis the water is separated into two streams – alkaline and acidic water. The alkaline water obtains healing properties, but the acidic water – disinfectant properties. Both water types can be used. Some examples how to use ionized water for health are given below:

1. Tonsillitis

Drink a cup of alkaline water and rinse your throat with the acidic water 5 times per day for 3 days. The result – in a day the temperature lowers, but in 3 days the disease disappears. However, always consult your doctor.

2. Influenza

Rinse your nose and mouth with acidic water eight times a day. At night, drink a glass of alkaline water. However, always consult your doctor.

3. Toothache

Rinse your mouth with acidic water for 5-10 minutes. However, in more serious cases visit a dentist.

4. The bad smell of feet

Wash the feet with warm water and wipe them dry, then put the feet in the acidic water bowl for 5-10 min. Spray the acidic water in the shoes and let them dry. Wash the socks with acidic water and dry them.

5. Heartburn

Drink a glass of alkaline water. The result: heartburn will stop; the release of gas can increase.

6. Cough

At least 4 four times a day drink a glass of alkaline water.
In more serious cases visit a doctor.

7. Ringworm, eczema

Moisten the problematic skin places with acidic water.

8. Small cuts, injuries and wounds

Wash with acidic water and bandage the wound.

9. Disinfection

Moisten any items with acidic water and dry them. Wipe the body by using a tampon moistened in the acidic water.

10. Improvement of wellbeing

In the morning and evening after a meal drink a half glass of alkaline water and rinse your mouth with the acidic water. This brings you vigor.

11. Face hygiene

In the morning and evening after washing yourself wash the face with acidic water. The face skin will become mild, and the pimples may disappear.

You can watch this video to see what people are saying about the ionized water health benefits.

The alkaline ionized water acts as a natural antioxidant

To meet the need of the body for water it’s very important to use the high-quality water. The alkaline ionized water has a negative electrical charge which is represented by hydroxyl ions (OH-). They are charged ions, which can help to:

– produce oxygen;
– reduce the harmful free radicals;
– increase the energy level;
– restore the acid-base balance;
– saturate the cells with water;
– delay the aging process.

The alkaline water acts as the acid neutralizer. The reduction of acid level in the body prevents the deterioration of cells, which slows down or inhibits the development of certain types of illnesses and chronic diseases. The alkaline ionized water helps in case of chronic heartburn and acid reflux.

Acidic ionized water also provides useful health benefits

The acidic ionized water (pH 5.5) is beneficial for the skin, it helps our body to fight with disease-causing bacteria. People, who are using the acidic water for washing themselves, look younger and healthier than those who are using the ordinary tap water. It preserves the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin and essential oils.

The acidic water kills bacteria, prevents acne and psoriasis. Moreover, due to the astringent properties of the water, the skin on the face becomes smoother and the wrinkles disappear. The acidic water reduces the inflammation and itching caused by the insect bites.

In Japanese hospitals, the acidic ionized water for health is used for wound cleaning, healing of ulcers and sterilization of medical instruments. In a household, the acidic water is used for cleaning and disinfection of kitchen surfaces, washing floors, etc.

How to start to use the ionized water for health?

If you want to use the alkaline ionized water for health improvement, start with the low pH 8.0-9.0 and gradually increase the amount of water consumed. For the children and elderly people lower pH level is set. After 2 weeks of regular intake of ionized water you can change the pH level to 9.0-9.5 and the amount of consumption, depending on your physical and health condition and your wellbeing. For drinking only the fresh water is recommended.