What are The Jupiter Ionized Water Benefits?

Jupiter water ionizerJupiter Corporation is responsible for the manufacture of Jupiter ionized water machines namely, Jupiter Orion water ionizer, Jupiter Aquarius water ionizer, Jupiter Venus water ionizer and others. These are great alkaline machines with different designs where the Aquarius brand has a dark-red shell, and the Orion has a stainless steel shell.

How do the Jupiter ionized water machines operate?

You can watch this short video to learn how to use and operate the Jupiter ionizer

Water from the tap has a wide array of bacteria, which is harmful to our bodies. The Jupiter water ionizers seek to change this by revitalising and adding life to tap water. All the Jupiter water ionizers sift out all harmful matter in water, including bacteria. The machines use multi stage replaceable, activated carbon filters. The Jupiter Microlite apparatus strains all the harmful contaminants through Biostone which is a ceramic sieve made from Tourmaline. Tourmaline releases far infra-red energy which modifies water surface tension which in turn facilitates a negative ion creation process. The apparatus has also Coral Calcium added to the filter. Coral calcium is essential in maintaining body calcium stability due to its two part calcium and one part magnesium proportion. It also has a wide range of essential trace minerals in it.

The Jupiter ionized water benefits

The water produced by Jupiter water ionizers has various benefits.

1. The alkalized water helps in food digestion because it allows the organs to work well preventing constipation. An individual can also get rid of body waste easily after taking this alkaline water.

2. The water also promotes body hydration because micro clustered water has fewer molecules compared to the tap water. It has around 6 to 7 molecules, which allow the body to rehydrate itself easily.

3. The water can be used to sanitize utensils, cook meals, prepare food and for beauty purposes. This shows that the water is beneficial for everyday use.

4. Jupiter ionized water also helps to improve a person’s pH balance. An individual can eat fruits and vegetables to improve his pH levels. Lack of such diets leads to increase acidic levels in the body resulting in sickness. This is because an overly acidic body is prone to diseases and illnesses. Therefore, when an individual drink alkaline ionized water, he balances his body´s pH levels.

5. Alkaline drinking water is well-known for its anti-oxidant properties. Most anti-oxidants help to prevent diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. This property also helps to improve the immune system.

6. This water serves as a detoxifier. It helps to cleanse the blood and to get rid of toxins found in the body. It also has anti- aging properties. The detoxifying properties of the water promote youthful skin, and therefore, it acts as an anti-aging remedy. It also neutralizes acidic waste and rids the body of acidification.

7. Jupiter ionic water improves energy levels and stamina by enhancing oxygen levels in the body. Athletes and sportsmen find it beneficial to drink this water because they remain revitalized after long rigorous exercise sessions.

8. Alkaline water is essential in making teeth strong and healthy.

Jupiter ionized water has been in use for a long time, and it keeps improving people´s health every day.