What is Micro-Clustered Ionized Water and Why it’s Different?

Micro-clustered ionized waterWater is essential for life, and taking in ionized water is a very beneficial step for health maintenance. However, all water is not the same, and there is water that you can drink and get more benefit from as compared to other types of water. One example of highly beneficial water is the micro-clustered ionized water, or the structured ionized water as is known in some circles. In order to understand the benefits of the structured ionized water, it is important to know what this water is, and how different it is from the normal tap water.

Let’s watch this short video to get the idea what is the micro-clustered water and why it’s different from tap water.

Definition of micro-clustered ionized water

The water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom to form the well-known H2O molecule. However, water comes in clusters of molecules contrary to single molecules, and tap water contains very large clusters of up to 13 molecules. Micro clustered water or on the other hand, is water that comes in much smaller clusters of as little as 5 molecules in a cluster, and these make the water to have excellent hydration, solubility and permeability properties.

How do you transform normal tap water into micro clustered water?

Since there is a lot of pollution, especially in the big cities, people are looking for ways through which they can use their water without the fear of infections, cancers or even waterborne diseases. An individual can get alkaline ionized water or micro-clustered water in different ways; however, the best and most reliable way of getting this water is using a water ionizer. These gadgets can be fixed on any tap and the water that will pass through the machine will come out clean, ionized, and healthy for human consumption.

Micro-clustered ionized water benefits to the human body

The saying that “water is life” is a true saying since drinking water is vital for the survival of the human being, as well as for other biological processes that are important in the body. However, when you drink water that is highly clustered, you will not experience these benefits as you ought to, and you, therefore, need to drink micro clustered or ionized water.  The benefits of micro-clustered ionized water include:

–  It is highly effective in enhancing an individual’s hydration

–  It makes an individual to gain a lot of energy as well as enhancing mental clarity

–  It assists in maintaining the reliability of DNA, since it contains small clusters of water

–  Cells communicate with each other through the help of water, and this water will enhance the communication and lead to faster healing and body repairs

–  Water is very instrumental in the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients in the body, and this water makes the process to be much faster and more effective

–  This water is important in the detoxification of the body, and therefore, eliminates all the toxins in the body and promotes good health

–  The alkaline ionized water is very good for nutritional supplement and when taking medication, this is a very good quality because it works hand in hand with the medication in order to bring the healing or relief that is intended.

The micro-clustered water or structured ionized water properties are significant ionized water benefits. Not everybody knows that but those who do can utilize this wonderful gift of nature.