What are the Unique Kangen Alkaline Water Benefits?

Unique Kangen Alkaline Water BenefitsThere are several benefits of Kangen alkaline water. An individual can use alkaline ionized water at home for various purposes. Among others these include household cleaning, cooking, personal care, pet care. Kangen water contains also several elements like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Kangen ionized water retains useful elements after filtration, unlike other filtration systems, which filter out even the most essential minerals.

Five types of Kangen alkaline water

There are five types of Kangen water, which allow an individual to choose natural solutions for cleaning and well-being in the household. With the Kangen water machine one can enjoy a wide variety of options, which include freshening and livening of plants, cooking a meal, cleaning a stubborn stain and creating pleasant fragrance. There are five ionized water sorts produced by Kangen. These include:

1. Strong Kangen water for cleaning
2. Kangen water for drinking and cooking
3. Kangen neutral water for making baby food and taking medicines
4. Kangen acidic water for beauty care and gentle cleaning
5. Kangen strong acidic water, which has disinfectant properties

Some other Kangen alkaline water benefits are the following:


Some studies have shown that alkaline water contains microclusters or exceptionally small water molecules.

Hydration and drinking

Alkaline drinking water increases body hydration, because it has a better taste and superior mouth feel. The body readily absorbs the water, and it reduces the bloated feeling caused by drinking water.

Free radical minimization

It is known that alkalized water supports and promotes the wellness and health of all the body organs. It is determined by its anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging properties. It is well known that these anti-oxidants are reducing the effects caused by free radicals like cancer and heart attacks. Free radicals are known to attack healthy cells due to their aggressive chemical nature, thus causing life-threatening ailments like cancer and heart attacks.


As a universal solvent, water is readily absorbed in human body in order to expel toxins and waste products. Kangen alkaline water has negative oxidation -reduction potential, which aids in free radical’s neutralization and hydration of the body´s organs and tissues.


Scientific benefits of purified water include also support of wellness and longevity. Natural benefits of taking water are increased through alkalinity. It reduces degenerative diseases by inhibiting aging process while strengthening the immune system. When alkalinity is attained, wellness and physiological benefits of water are achieved.

Acidic water can be used for personal hygiene, general cleaning purposes, and it is environmentally friendly.

Personal hygiene

In Asia, acidic water is referred as a Beauty water and can be used effectively as an external cleaning agent, e.g. for bathing and cleansing.

General cleaning purposes

Most manufacturers have created cleaning machines, e.g. floor cleaners, which use the strong, acidic water as the only cleaning agent. Swimming pool cleaners have also shifted from using harsh chlorine agents to acidic water to keep the swimming pools clean.

Environmentally friendly

Acidic Ionized water is currently being used in many institutions and other enterprises due to low pollution potential. Content of phosphates and other common pollutants is low; therefore it is an environmentally friendly mean for cleaning.

Finally, Kangen alkaline water is very simply to use: water-supply pipe of Kangen water machine fits on the water faucet without taking up much space and requires almost no maintenance, except replacement water filters time to time. In addition, it is much cheaper than buying bottled water.