The Benefits of Water Ionizer / Alkaline Water Machine. Part 1

Water ionizer benefitsOne of the best investments you can make for your health is to buy the water ionizer machine. This will solve the fresh and clean water supply at your home.  Let’s look at the benefits of water ionizer machines.

To restore the vitality of the body, for its recovery we go to resorts, drink pure mineral water, relax in the country side, go to the forest, swim in the sea, and we go to the mountains. There are a lot of places where you can improve your health and restore your acid-alkaline balance.

However, we can only allow this a couple of weeks per year or even less. Hard working days, unhealthy foods, exposure to adverse environmental factors – all this and more in just a few weeks can consume all the things that your body has accumulated during the holidays. Not every one of you can afford to recover your energy at least every week, and the limiting factor is not so much the money, but mainly the time. We simply have no time to rest, but the body is aging and getting acidic.

The use of a alkaline water ionizer will allow you to drink the highest quality natural water in the city with the necessary characteristics for the body. Every day, several times a day, the ionized water will help to restore your vitality and the strength of all the members of your family. Ionized water is equally useful for both adults and children.

Someone could argue that there is quality water in stores and its cost is low. But you can be sure that this alkaline ionized water cannot be bought in a store. The main reason is that the following parameters such as the pH of the water, its oxidation-reduction potential and the water structure are not tracked for bottled water. The second reason is that the structure of water and its ORP are rapidly changing, so you have to drink the water from their sources and ionized water immediately. For example, during 12 hours’ time it is losing about 3/4 of the negative charge of ORP.

By buying the mineral water in a store, you buy only the mineral content in the water, but this water does not carry any natural energy. The water is beneficial only if you drink this water from the spring. Therefore, the concept of “clean water” and “useful water” today does not mean the same thing. The water should be clean and healthy – and this is only the ionized alkaline water.

The main benefits of ionized water machine

Alkaline waterRestoration of cells: the alkaline water ionizer produces negatively charged alkaline water with a high level of pH and antioxidant characteristics. Ionized water gives up its electrons to restore your cells, to balance the alkaline-acid level, thus reducing the amount of the hormone cortisol, which is a major cause of fatigue and aging.

Increased hydration: during the charging phase, the electrolyzed water breaks into small molecular clusters – each repels other equally charged molecules. So the alkaline water is structured and the quality is equal to natural spring water. These small water clusters are able to pass through tiny pores in cells, providing a deeper and more rapid penetration and saturation of the cells with water.

Acid-alkaline balance: most people eat acidic foods which lead to health problems. Alkaline water machine make water alkaline (increase pH), which reduces the acid content in the body and reduces the need for the body to maintain internal tissues’ neutral pH level in case of consumption of acidic foods. Alkaline food gives more energy, and improves overall health.