About Water Ionizer Machines

water ionizer machinesWhat benefits does alkaline ionized water give to our bodies? This question has been investigated in the world for several decades. The undeniable leader in this is Japan. In this country, after a decade of research, the Ministry of Health approved water ionizer machines as a medical device for health improvement in 1996. In 1970, North Korea (at a later date) also started to approve alkaline water machines as medical devices. In the present time, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA are the leaders in water ionizer production, which are sold worldwide. It is a wonderful example of the partnership between science and business.

You can also buy ionized water machine. During production or water ionizers, the attention is paid to the used materials and as well as production quality. Only ecologically friendly materials are used, which do not contain harmful or dangerous substances. Electrodes are made only from very rare inert metals: anode electrode from titanium or platinum, cathode electrode – from food grade stainless steel or also titanium or platinum. In choosing an water ionizer machine, you have to make sure that the anode electrode is made from inert metal. Such an electrode won’t get ruined in the process of electrolysis and harmful ions don’t get into solution.

The water ionizer membrane meets the requirements that are present in materials that are used in the electrochemical activation processes.

To have alkaline ionized water in your home, you need to have a alkaline water ionizer machine. Then all you have to do is to connect the water ionizer’s supply pipe to the faucet, plug it into an outlet, set the ionization program and let it run. Different companies selling ionizers under different names, e.g., if you see Kangen water machine, this is the same water ionizer.

You can drink the ionized alkaline water every day. It also can be used in cooking, making coffee and tea. You can water plants with it etc. A one-time investment in the alkaline water machine will pay off for many years.

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