What are the Water Ionizers FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions?

Water Ionizer FAQConsumers of alkaline ionized water often ask questions concerning water ionizer machines. Some of these water ionizers FAQs are the following:

1. How does the ionization process take place?

For example, water from the tap is run through the negative and positive electrodes where ionization takes place. The ionized water is thereafter separated into ionized acidic and ionized alkaline water.

2. Does one need a plumber to install the water ionizer machine?

Most water ionizer machines come with manuals with simple instructions on how to install them. They come with a diverter kit that fits to all standard kitchen faucets. A plumber should be called only when one experiences problems while fitting the machine.

3. Where can the water ionizer machine be hooked up?

Water ionizers are hooked up at any sink either at home or at work. They come with diverters that can fit any standard sink faucet.

4. Why should a person buy a water ionizer?

Alkaline ionized water has several great benefits to the human body, and that is the major reason why the person should own one. These health benefits include:

– It is a very effective antioxidant and therefore there is no need to buy other antioxidants like anti-aging and anti-disease remedies;

– The alkaline ionized water contains a lot of hydroxyl OH- ions that makes internal environment of the body alkaline and ensures effective functioning of the body and makes the immune system strong;

– The body pH is balanced as the body is quite acidic, and the alkaline element in the water helps to neutralize this acidity.

5. How does this unit produce water?

The machine produces ionized water at the moment it is demanded, at a very good flow rate, since this unit has no holding tank, as it is in the distiller system.

6. Are the machines noisy?

When the water pressure is turned on, the machine makes beeping sounds, which indicate that the cleaning process is ongoing. When ionization starts, the ionization machine is silent and the only sound heard is of water running through the unit.

7. What are the return/ guarantee terms?

Most companies that sell the water ionizers have return and warranty periods, and buyers can therefore buy the ionization machine without worry and in case, the machine breaks down it can always be repaired.

8. How should the user start drinking the water?

The water should be taken at the lowest power setting at first, but with time, the user can increase the power setting, especially if the water has no effect on him/her.

9. Should the ionization machine be cleaned and if yes, then how often?

The water ionization machine runs it own cleaning cycle before ionization begins. However, cleaning should be done once or twice a year in order to maintain its high performance level. Cleaning the machine also ensures that no impurities can get in the water during the ionization process. Most companies give manuals with procedures on how to clean the machine and the most preferable cleaning detergents to use.

10. How often should the machine be taken for maintenance?

When the water ionizer machine is not experiencing any problems in the production of ionized water, most sellers recommend it is taken for maintenance once a year, but in case of any problems, the machine should be taken for repair immediately.

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