What is Alkaline Ionized Water for Human Body?

Alkaline ionized water for human bodyEverybody knows that a person for the most part consists of water. But the fact that the water content in the body changes throughout lifetime is sure to be interesting fact for most of us. Thus, the unborn child consists of 90% of water, an adult of middle-age would be at 70% of water, but senior individuals consist only of 60% of water. It is not difficult to guess that the aging process is directly related to the loss of body water. In other words, the aging process may be called the drying process. With age, the amount of moisture in the body decreases and the amount of disease and other health related problems increases. Lack of water immediately affects the kidneys and the brain (as we know the brain consist of 98% water). Therefore a person should drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day. It should be specifically water and not just any liquid. But is any water equally healthy, what about ionized water?

Now, 70% of the fluid in the body – it is all saline body fluids: lymph, blood, gastrointestinal juice etc. Together they form an internal environment of the body, which has its own oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). It is a specific state of liquids, in which the cells perform their normal functions, and promote metabolism and create terms of conditions for the life of all organs and systems. Normally, the body’s internal environment must be alkaline, that is for the normal vital functions the body should have a negative ORP (-100mV). In this case, it is a donor of free electrons, which are necessary for vital cell functions.

Naturally of course, the body constantly loses liquid and needs to replenish in order to keep its healthy balance. That’s why a person becomes thirsty. Water and other beverages also have their own oxidation-reduction potential. Depending on the value of the ORP, it has the influence on the digestion process of specific fluid. The greater the difference between the ORP of fluids you drink and internal environment, the higher effort required by the body to make the fluids of its own. As the result of this process body own fluids lose their free electrons and create a threat to the vital functions.

The ORP of standard filtered tap water is about +400 mV. Can you imagine how much effort cells must make in order to adjust to a difference of +400 to -100 mV? And how many damaging oxidizing reactions can occur in the body during this time? Turns out that when we drink this water and satisfy our thirst, we get pleasure, and our body is forced to digest the water and loses its strength gradually wearing off. In addition, spending a certain amount of energy the body seeks to replenish the liquid balance and that’s when we become hungry. It’s easy to guess that if you drink water, which ORP is negative, like alkaline ionized water, just like our internal environment, you can avoid excessive food intake, or even lose weight.

The most similar to ORP liquids for our body is freshly squeezed juice of organic fruits and vegetables, plucked straight from the garden. Its ORP ranges from -30 to +50 mV. But after 24 hours of storing, the ORP of fresh juice drops to +100.

The so-called “spring” water from the bottle contains the ORP from +300 to +450mV. Carbonated soft drinks, beer etc. all have inaccessibly positive value of ORP for the body to reach. These drinks are harmful for the internal environmental and acid – alkaline balance of the body, exposing to destruction cells and disrupting vital organs. This happens because almost all of the body’s vital energy goes to adjusting to the potential difference. The lack of energy is replenished with food and new portions of the same beverages. And a vicious circle comes out where the body gets older and more worn out, and the person gets more and more new diseases and health problems.

To slow down the body aging mechanism and even reverse the trend it is important to supply blood and other physiological fluids with water, the potential of which is close to the original physiological environment of the human body, in other words, with water received as a result of electrolytic process – ionized water. Multiple researches have proved that alkaline ionized water has not only protective, but also regenerative features. Alkaline water ORP (oxidation reduction potential) has negative indexes that are close to aquatic environment potential of the human body. It turns into electrolyte that quickly interacts with body’s fluids. That is why as soon as ionized water appears in the body it creates conditions that facilitate regeneration of injured cells and protect healthy cells from oxidizers. It preserves person’s vital power and rejuvenates the body. People consuming alkaline water not only get rid of chronic diseases, but return themselves their youth. It is not a wonder, but a scientifically proved phenomenon. Due to its negative redox-potential it appears to be the strongest antioxidant.